What is Halal Management System?

Halal simply means permitted or lawful. So when we are talking about halal foods it means any foods that are allowed to be eaten according to Islamic Sharia law.

This means that for any food to be considered halal it must comply with the religious ritual and observance of Sharia law.

Halal certified means that food has been subjected to approved certification systems which guarantee to consumers that nothing in the food has any forbidden components. Halal certificates are issued, for a fee, by a certifying body.


Covering everything from ingredients and primary production, through to processed foods, catering, hospitality, logistics and retail we offer halal audit and certification and the following complementary services:

    • Gap analysis
    • Technical support and advice – for potential practical and in-factory implementation challenges
    • Training – face-to-face, online, or using a blended approach our modular courses cover technical, regulatory, national and international Halal requirements

Benefits include:

  • Access markets like UK, Germany, France & other markets
  • Strengthened relationships with retail distributors
  • Increased transparency
  • Minimization of significant food risks
  • Effective control of internal processes and minimizing the risk of failure