Our Values


GCS is a leading company with various industrial expertise and strong exposures in the field of Auditing, Certification of Management Systems and Training.

The strength of GCS is our people, their specialist knowledge and the group’s ability to pass this knowledge onto our customers as workable and measurable solutions. The people within GCS have collectively built our reputation through hard work, passion for knowledge and commitment to our customers.

GCS is committed to redefining customer and supplier relationships across all compliance and certification competencies by delivering professional and quantifiable business benefits through world-class service. GCS culture is open, honest, and approachable

Competency is the key success factor within GCS. A competence articulates the expected outcome or performance standard that is achieved as a result of applying a combination of knowledge, personal attitude, skills and experience in a certain function or characteristic.

Some Facts About Us


Our Advantages

Innovation & Best Practices

We can help establish vision of market changes and describe where you can be in this changing environment. We can bring ideas, best practices and solutions from the world’s finest operations to yours, to help you better meet challenges and solve problems.

Stability & Reliability

At a time when many organizations are concerned about the legal and financial stability of their business partners, you can rest assured with us as a solid, trusted, accountable & reliable service.

Cost Management

Many public organizations have recognized the wisdom of outsourcing their operational functions. With us, you can be confident that your needs will be met. And you can be sure that we will provide world class services at a fair price.