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How to Achieve ISO Certification?2021-08-09T08:58:29+00:00

Decide which ISO standard(s) you want to achieve certification for.

  • Find out what they involve you doing (called the ‘requirements’).
  • Establish a system for adhering to the requirements (called a management system).
  • Invite an ISO certification body to audit/assess your work (of course we hope you will choose us – GCS).
  • Receive a certificate if the audit is successful (or after you have corrected any ‘non-conformances’ found during the audit).
  • Use your certificate to help you get a new business or make you more successful with tenders.
What is Audit Process?2021-08-09T09:00:52+00:00

The initial audit is in two stages:

Stage 1 aims to establish that you understand the requirements of the standard and that you’ve got systems and procedures in place to comply with it. We’ll review any relevant documentation that you’ve produced.
We’ll leave you with a report and an audit schedule for stage 2. The report will identify any actions you’re advised to take before the next stage. Stage 1 is an important part of the process as it ensures you’re properly ready for the more detailed stage 2. It also gets you used to being audited and provides an opportunity to get to know your auditor.

Stage 2 gathers objective evidence to ascertain if you’re complying with the standard. We’ll interview your staff, look at records, review internal audits that you’ve completed, and may visit other sites if integral to the service you provide.

How to Transfer your Certification?2021-08-09T09:01:48+00:00

If you’re unhappy with your existing certification body, you can simply transfer your registration to Global Certification Services. Our auditor will be realistic, supportive and have practical knowledge of your industry sector. And of course he or she will be approachable!

How to Validate a Certificate?2021-08-09T09:03:36+00:00

If you would like to check whether an organization is registered with GCS. Please follow “Verify Certificate” button from main menu & Enter Company Name or Certificate Number to see result.

What are the Terminologies used in ISO Standards?2021-08-09T09:05:58+00:00

If you’re new to the world of certification, you may be confused about the various terms used. Let’s take ISO 9001 as an example.

ISO 9001 is an international standard for Quality. It lists requirements (what you need to do). If you choose to follow the requirements you’ll need some sort of system to check that you do (called a management system). By following the requirements you should provide a quality product or service.

Sometimes, customers will insist you that you demonstrate you’ve got an effective management system. The best way to demonstrate this is to have your system externally audited by a third party. GCS would be pleased to provide you with a free quotation for that. Get Quote Now

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