HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is internationally accepted as the most cost-effective method of preventing food contamination from chemical, microbiological and physical hazards.

HACCP audits focus on the potential causes of food safety hazards by assessing the entire production process and then applying preventative controls at critical points. Critical control points may include equipment, the supply chain of raw materials or employee training and supervision.

By using the HACCP system, control is shifted from end product testing (corrective) into the design and manufacturing of products (preventive) and can be applied to a specific product or to an existing or new process.

HACCP has international recognition as the most cost-effective means of controlling foodborne disease and is endorsed as such by the Joint FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission.

This certification programme is mainly to help the food industry or catering services to develop, implement, and evaluate the safety and quality of the operation process. A certificate will be issued based on the conformity of general requirements of HACCP. As an experienced and respected food safety certification body, we have expertise in the full range of international safety regulations and can help you formulate a cogent, cost-effective food safety management system.